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General Questions

A media wall is a feature piece and focal point of your living area. In short, a media wall is simply an artificial / false wall that has become the trend of interior design fashion. These can be built in whichever room of your home you would prefer.

For a seamless look without making things look unsightly, a media wall can accommodate your audio visual (AV) devices such as a Sky box, Virgin Media box and other peripherals such as a gaming console, DVD player and sound-bar.

A media wall can stem from a simple design such as a false chimney breast with the TV recessed, to a full bespoke setup which can accommodate your TV, sound-bar, AV devices, storage departments and also an electric fire, along with smart LED mood lighting to set the tone.

Even though modern TV’s are becoming sleeker in design and can be wall mounted, there's usually unsightly cables to deal with. Media walls will eliminate these obstacles and all cables can be concealed for a seamless look. Having a media wall installed in your living area can turn an empty space into a showpiece and have your guests talking.

Media walls have become more popular in modern and newly built properties that do not have the luxury of a fireplace for that cosy warm feel. Opting for a media wall can bring that luxury into your home with the added option of additional storage space.

See our gallery page for more inspiration.

Interior Design Fashion

Having a media wall will no doubt turn the focal point of your living space into a showpiece. With so many innovative and revolutionary ways to seamlessly integrate your audio visual (AV) devices, not only will a media wall give that seamless effect, but it will also compliment your living area.

Aesthetic Setting

With so many different designs and custom options to choose from, media walls have become increasingly popular due to their aesthetic advantages. From a standard media wall to a fully bespoke installation, you can be sure no matter your area space, a media wall will add a luxurious setting to your home.

Space Saving

Here at Media Walls Solutions, we believe that your home is a living space, not a storage space. As media walls have so many other practical benefits, storage is most definitely another reason media walls are in popular demand. Having your devices recessed and out of the way, clears up clutter, cables and frees up valuable floor space.

Cinematic Viewing Experience

There is no doubt that streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Disney + just to name a few have led the way forward in the way we watch our TV. With movies, sports and other genres being broadcasted in crystal clear 4k and Ultra High Definition resolution and Dolby Atmos for enhanced sound quality, you can be sure that having a media wall and your devices integrated will bring that cinematic feel to your home.

When you're at the initial stage of designing your media wall, there’s a whole host of options and designs to consider. Having the option to have an electric fireplace incorporated into your media wall will no doubt be on your priority list and design plan. An electric fire falls under the category of bespoke media walls and is sure to add that luxurious finishing touch but will also depend on a few factors, such as the available space, your budget and design. 

If you’re uncertain on whether you can have an electric fireplace installed, our expert team will be on hand to guide you through a step-by-step process, so you can be certain of your design in mind and the finished product.

See our gallery page for more inspiration.

Depending on the complexity of your media wall requirements, a standard installation can take anywhere between 2-3 days to complete. Whereas a more complex type media wall with additional requirements to be incorporated with items such as outlet sockets, storage space and smart lighting, then this could take around 6-8 days to finalise.

Our main priority is to leave your property knowing we have carried out your installation to the highest of standards.

For additional information on completion times, contact our installation team today and we’ll explain in detail our procedure process.

The audio visual and electricals are a major factor when it comes to designing the perfect media wall. Having the correct services installed should be a vital part of the design process. Getting this part right is paramount at the initial stage, as it would be a complex job to add these services once the wall is completed.

Here at Media Wall Solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the supply and installation of electric outlets and AV services. Coming from an AV background, our installers have vast knowledge in TV aerial, satellite and internet solutions. We can offer new TV aerial installations, Sky TV services, cable routing and smart home Wi-Fi along with the electrical knowhow of LED lighting and audio systems.

Our company was launched off the back of audio visual experience and we pride ourselves in knowing that our company is second to none when it comes to offering these niche services in addition to the media wall. Our company goes above and beyond and our reputation and testimonials speak for themselves.

This is a very common question as there are a couple of options when deciding on what finish to go for. These include an MDF finish or plasterboard finish.

Both options are viable and across the board it is an agree to disagree topic. The boarding can differ on many factors, from your budget, design, time schedule and personal preference.

MDF is no doubt the quickest and most efficient way to complete your media wall installation but it can have it’s flaws. The main drawback of an MDF finish is when it comes to filling gaps and drill holes, the wood filler can potentially crack over time, which in turn could require future maintenance.

As a reputable company and working with both material types over many years, we would personally recommend a plasterboard finish as there is no need for filling and no worries of potential cracking from joints and drill holes.

This is the most commonly asked question when at the enquiry stage of your media wall planning. Without conducting a full site survey or being provided with specific information and photos in regards to your installation, a set price can be difficult to provide.

As a reputable company, we like to uphold our reputation when it comes to honesty. That's why we don't like to mislead our customers by giving ‘start from’ prices, as this can guide the customer into a false sense of reality and deter our customers when at the enquiry stage. Costings can vary depending on many factors. We would prefer to quote accordingly to your needs and requirements as media wall designs and options can differ from one job to the next.

Quotations provided by Media Wall Solutions are solely on a ‘No-Obligation’ basis and we advise to compare the market before making a decision on such a complex project.

For additional information, get in touch with our team today and speak with one of our specialists.

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